Welcome to my blog

Hello bloggers, and welcome to my page.

I am currently a full time Business Student living in Belgium. This whole world of writing reflection journals, and sharing ideas and beliefs on social media is something completely new to me. I have always wanted to start my own one, but, surprisingly, I never really found the inspiration to do so. However, I am extremely grateful because throughout the years, I have been able to develop my own passion for writing, especially when it comes to subjects and matters that interest me.

This semester, I am taking a particularly interesting course named “Global Ethics”, in which the Professor inspires us to write small blog posts every week on topics that are related to ethics, moral decisions and norms. Personally, I find this extremely interesting because it further encourages us to critically assess the different topics discussed in class, as well as develop our own arguments, and further be able to expand them. I love the idea of being able to explore external sources, and to be able to relate them to our basic mindset about global ethics.