“Say ‘NO’ to conflict minerals.”

Until recently, I believed that conflict minerals did not exist anymore. It turned out I was wrong. I read such devastating articles that my brain was refusing to accept any further information.

Democratic Republic of Congo. A rich nation in gold and other minerals, they say. But do any of you realize what stands behind all of this prosperity? Violence, torture, and nothing more than pure human devastation.

While you wake up in your cozy room, and drink your cup of coffee in front of your favorite morning show, people on the other side of the planet are forced to work under terrible conditions. They work in mines controlled by armed groups. They face violence. They suffer. This is their daily life.

Were you aware of the fact that you are contributing to this whole process? Probably not. Neither was I.

Let me tell you one thing, the connection of our consumer appetites and the whole violence occurring there, is as a result of our smartphones, laptops and tablets. If only we could know, as consumers, where do these products actually come from…

I am the kind of person that supports peace, and that desires the very best for our nations. I am certainly not willing to support crimes against humanity.

What many of us do not realize is that as individuals and business partners, the fate of many people is in our hands. Luckily, we have the power to prevent this from happening any longer.

Together with the implementation of new laws, companies are forced to disclose their use of conflict minerals. Fighting against crimes related to these minerals is a legal requirement and a priority for corporations around the world. That’s why more and more businesses today are taking a deeper look at their supply chains.

If you aren’t sure about the origin of these minerals, then ask your suppliers, and your suppliers will ask their suppliers, and so on. So before opening a business, have this in mind.

Personally, I strongly support all companies disclosing the origin of their minerals, since it is more than obvious that supply chains with conflict-free products generate more profit. If you cannot demonstrate this as a company, well then you can be sure that you will be thrown out of the market.

I believe it is very important to show us, consumers, what goods we are actually purchasing. Where they come from. Under what conditions they were made.

If a company ensures me that I purchase the right goods coming from the right minerals, then I would be very pleased to hear that I support efforts to stop such wars and crimes. And I will definitely continue to do business with that company.

It is not that difficult, is it? All we have to do is work together, and ensure that our business community is not contributing to the funding of crimes against humanity.

Together, we can always make a better world.


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