“What we know about the global financial crisis is that we don’t know very much” – Paul Samuelson

Inside Job is a gripping documentary directed by Charles Ferguson, filmmaker. I highly recommend it to those of you who want to learn more about the actual truth behind the whole global financial crisis of 2008.

What surprised me a lot, is that everything began back in the 1980’s. During this period of 30 years, more or less between 1980 and 2008, occurred a deregulation in the financial sector, which immediately led to excessive and reckless risk-taking, and a lot more, such as gambling, massive fraud, conflicts of interest, and even sabotage.

As a result, there was not only a massive decline in the financial stability for the global masses, but also a massive incline in the financial gain for a minority of heads in high finance and government. What is even worse is that all of this still continues today. It is a trend we hardly can escape from. We have been trapped in it, and we are the ones paying for the massive consequences.

After watching the entire documentary, I did learn a lot of new aspects on this specific matter, but most of all it left me hanging around with different emotions, and still today while writing this post, two weeks after having watched it.

I was really alarmed by the fact that regulators used our money, the citizen’s money to pay back for the crisis they had caused. Most of all that they operated in a climate of drugs and prostitutes.

It is still very hard for me to realize all of this is an actual true-life robbery story, which shows us the world in which we live, surrounded by thieves that get away with everything, that do illegal business, and that control us. Most of all, it shows a long-lasting crime that did not get any punishment. And why is that? Nobody knows. It makes me think of a horror movie. Very depressing because it is shockingly true.

The whole of this system is a pure mockery of capitalism. But not only, of democracy as well. The crisis that the American economic policy elite caused did not hurt them at all. Instead, it hurt us: society. It was their mess, but it is always society who cleans everything up. I believe, this is not democracy as we pictured it in the first place, is it? Living in corruption and lack of ethics is not what we want. At least, it is not what I want. For this, we need to change. The question I want to ask you is: How?


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